Dad's Song
At the Savior's Feet

Thereís a thought that seems so sweet,
Kneeling at the Saviorís feet
There to listen to His words so full of love;
Just to have Him hold my hand
As I travel through this land
Just to feel the touch of heavenís Holy Dove
O, He died upon the tree,
Paid the debt for you and me,
As the clouds came out to hide the light of day:
There He gave His life, so true
There His heart was broken, too.
If we give our all, twill not the debt repay.
As we see Him there in love All the sky so dark above
May the Holy Ghost break up the hardened heart;
Let a cry come from the soul
And sinís heavy burden roll
From the lost, that God may, grace to him impart.
O, my Lord, my Joy, my All
I will answer to Your call
Always keep me in Thy love, so pure and sweet;
Keep me hidden Ďneath the blood
Clean and wholly sanctified
Savior draw me near that I may kiss Thy feet.
-Thomas O. Hill

©Livingwater Lighthouse 2014

©2014 Livingwater Lighthouse